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… the newest member of our family!!!  Which also means that we are now able to accept credit card payments through this nifty company called… … Square! How does it work?  The card reader plugs into the headphone jack of the iPad.  After we swipe a card, the client enters their email address (the receipt […]

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Just do it!


Find a another photographer to second shoot with… or actually I was the third shooter/assistant in this case.  The point is when you are starting out in photography it is beyond helpful to be able to see how other photographer’s handle lighting and tricky situations.  To realize that no photographer is perfect… but we are […]

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Tools of the Trade: Chic and Affordable Blogsites

Today I would love to share another tool I have found to help grow my business. Let’s be honest…  Photography is a visual art and a website is often the first interaction a client has with your business…  So make sure it’s a great one!  Photographer’s need fabulous websites and for the longest time I […]

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