“Why not?”  I find myself asking this question whenever someone says “that’s impossible” or “you’re crazy”…  A willingness to challenge expectations has led me to some amazing experiences shared with incredible people!  I dared to dream a few years ago and spent five life-changing months in the mountains of Honduras.  The purpose of my stay was to teach English, but of course my students taught me more…  I learned how to clear land by machete, make homemade tortillas and chimol, laugh when school lessons were interrupted by heavy rain on the tin roof, play soccer in a skirt…  in general, to slow down and savor the beauty in the people and things that surround me!

That experience continues to impact how I approach both my personal life and career.

The “why not” philosophy comes with me to every photo shoot.  It’s what motivates me to pursue those unique moments and expressions.  Why not encourage clients to climb trees, hang upside down on the monkey bars, or act like a supermodel?

I am a photographer… and I love creating significant and unique images with adventurous people!